The World's Most Expensive Coffee - £60 Per Cup

The world's most expensive coffee has just gone on sale for $75 per cup (approx £60) in Southern California. Is it worth it? No - well that was an easy blog.

The Worlds Most Expensive Coffee

The coffee, on sale in a Southern Californian coffee chain, is so expensive due to the exclusivity of the the bean it uses. The Elida Geisha coffee bean won this year's Best of Panama coffee competition where 124 coffee lots were judged by 30 local and international judges. With only 100 pounds of the coffee available, a bidding war pushed the price up to $803 per pound, which is only enough to make 48 small cups.

If you fancy trying a cup, you're already too late, as it's already sold out. However If you are happy to pay the equivalent price based on the caffeine content for Caffeine Bullets, we'd be happy to help. One packet would cost $400!