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Mint Performance Energy Chews

SKU Mint 1 Bag - Platoon
There's a Personal Best In Every Pack!
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Product Details

Caffeine Bullet is a mint energy chew, designed to kick in only five minutes, peaking in your bloodstream three times faster than energy gels, drinks and caffeine pills so that you be back to best performance almost instantly.

Caffeine increases endurance, improves concentration and mobilises your fat cells as a fuel source, so that you can train and race harder for longer. There’s 100mg caffeine in every chew – more than a strong coffee, 4 types of electrolytes and with 4 chews in every packet there’s 'a personal best in every pack'.

Ultrarunning Champion David Hellard designed Caffeine Bullet as a convenient way to quickly take strong caffeine to allow him to race faster, but you can harness its power whenever you need to perform at your best, whether that's in sport, gaming, studying or even on the dancefloor.

So don't fill yourself with bull or let your energy drop off a cliff; give fatigue the bullet, Personal Bests Never Tasted So Good!

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