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The Benefits of Caffeine

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Caffeine Bullet Point
Caffeine Bullet Point
Caffeine Bullet Point

Reduces the perception of pain and fatigue so you can train harder for longer

Increases mental alertness and

reduces mental fatigue

Releases fat cells sparing muscle glycogen and improving endurance



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Improved Performance
Three Times Faster

As you chew Caffeine Bullet the caffeine is absorbed in your mouth, bypassing your stomach, for a kick in only 5 minutes, peaking 3 times faster than gels, pills and drinks.

Each chew has 100mg caffeine the same as a large coffee and because the caffeine is absorbed in your mouth they won't give you stomach issues.

Personal Bests Never Tasted So Good
No Jitters - No Bull

You shouldn't have to choose between performance and flavour. Our chews has taken 2 years to develop and been through 7 waves of taste tests to ensure that 'Personal Bests Never Tasted So Good.

At only 32kcal you can train fasted using Caffeine Bullet and there are no nasties, so no jitters, we won't fill you with Bull, just clean energy.

Caffeine Bullet - Caffeine Supplement Amazon review

Don't Take Our Word For it!

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