A Personal Best In Every Pack!

The Benefits of Caffeine

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Caffeine Bullet Point
Caffeine Bullet Point
Caffeine Bullet Point

Reduces the perception of pain and fatigue

Releases fat into your bloodstream sparing muscle glycogen and improving endurance

Increases mental alertness and

reduces mental fatigue


Your Optimal Caffeine Dose

(most are



Caffeine Energy Gels
Espresso coffees
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5+ Caffeine Gels

5+ Espressos

1 Packet

At Your Personal  Best - Faster

Because Caffeine Bullets are chewed caffeine enters your bloodstream through your cheeks in as little as:

5 Minute Stopwatch

Peaking 3 times faster than caffeine gels, pills, coffee or energy drinks in only:

15 Minute Stopwatch

How many hours do you spend training for a new Personal Best?

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See What People Are Saying

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Johnathan B

"These saved me from a DNF in my last Ironman race. 100km into the bike I was feeling awful, unable to eat, nothing in the tank and ready to quit. Then I got some of these ... 10km later I was feeling great. Finished the marathon close to my best standalone marathon time."

5 Start Trust Pilot.png

Mikah G

"As a medical student with a young child, I generally have early days and late nights with a hectic schedule filled in between. Consequently, I generally turn to caffeine pills or soda for the necessary energy I need since I’m not a fan of coffee or the price one cup costs. Enter Caffeine Bullet! Not only do these little chews taste good, they definitely give you a quick pick up at half the price of coffee and they taste GREAT! "

5 Start Trust Pilot.png

Tyler F

"The impact happened to me within 2 minutes of me chewing the mint. Unbelievable, it's like magic! I still can't get over how quick it worked and how much energy it gave" 

5 Start Trust Pilot.png

Robert B

"Best workout booster I've tried! Feels natural.  Every product I've tried made me feel like my heart was racing like I'm about to pull a John Belushi. Caffeine Bullet makes the energy feel like it's coming from me. No idea how they do it. But I have to keep buying more because my buddies have taking mine and loving it too."

Lyndsey R

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"I have tried MANY caffeine supplements, pills, powders etc. I have to say, I do believe there is something special about the caffeine absorption during chewing vs eating or drinking. I can take it right before my run instead of having to wait 30-40 minutes"

5 Start Trust Pilot.png

Sarah W

"Beware all chocoholics! These are very more-ish. I wouldn’t describe myself as a chocoholic, but the chocolate orange flavour in these chews make me wonder, at what point did the manufacturer add in the crack cocaine..."