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4 energy chews

100mg caffeine

per chew

(a strong coffee)

Only 32kcal each

faster kick than

energy gels, drinks

or caffeine tablets

4 types of electrolytes

A Personal Best In Every Pack!

The Benefits of Caffeine




Above Placebo

Reduces the perception of pain and fatigue


Releases fat into your bloodstream

sparing muscle glycogen and improving endurance


Increases mental alertness and

reduces mental fatigue


The Optimal Caffeine Dose

The optimal dose of caffeine for athletic performance is 3-6mg caffeine per kilo of bodyweight.

Average Female

= 210-420mg

Average Male

= 250-500mg


(most are



5+ Caffeine Gels

5+ Espressos


1 Packet

Faster - Faster

Because Caffeine Bullets are chewed caffeine enters your bloodstream through your cheeks in as little as:

Peaking in your bloodstream faster than caffeine supplements, caffeine pills or caffeine gels by up to:

How many hours do you spend training for a new Personal Best?

4 in each pack

Don't Take Our Word For it!

Caffeine Bullet - Exceeds Caffeine Pills

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A Personal Best In Every Pack!

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